Jason Hope: An Amazing Entrepreneur From Arizona

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and he is known for his love of technology, philanthropy and for being a great businessman. Here is more information about Hope.

Technology And Investment

Hope provides business consultancy to other businesses, especially those involved in the technology industry. He is an investor who has invested in numerous ventures. Jason Hope is involved with the development of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming and more. He is passionate about technology and investing in those he believe can become successes.


Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and obtained his degree in finance from there. He also received an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business.


Hope is equally passionate about philanthropy and he works alongside a number of organizations. One of his passions includes the research performed at the SENS Foundation, which develops rejuvenation biotechnology. The foundation also promotes it. and Hope is a fan of the foundation because they are involved in anti-aging, which is about creating a better quality of life.

He believes that supporting scientific research can result in breaking down walls, when innovation is used to support that research.


Jason Hope provides grants to those who have a good idea, but people have to submit their ideas via Hope’s website. The grants are available to high school seniors and college students. He reviews each submission and then decides which ones will get a grant, which is between $500-$5,000, which can be put towards the idea. Hope offers grants because he likes to help others achieve their dreams.

However, those who submit their ideas to Hope need to make sure their plans are solid. If someone receives a grant from Hope, then they should consider themselves lucky because he is known for helping people succeed and achieve their dreams.

Those who are interested in the services offered by Jason Hope can visit his website and fill out a form to request more information.

James Dondero Offers To Help Finish The Family Place

The Family Place is a lovely organization in Dallas that helps those in domestic trouble find a place to stay. The charity has started a massive fundraising project that totals in the hundreds of millions, and James Dondero has offered a challenge grant that will complete the fundraising. This article explains how James has stepped up to help The Family Place, and there is a look at the way James commits himself to Dallas citizens.

#1: Highland Capital Management’s Grant

Highland Capital Management is the company started by James that manages billions of dollars every year, and they have money that may be used for community service. The company helps quite a few charities, and James wants to offer a grant that may be matched to finish the campaign. Learn more about James Dondero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

#2: Supporting People Is Important

James may see from his office that citizens of Dallas are not always living their best life, and he understands there is a great need for The Family Plan and their service.

#3: Highland Capital Management Is A Large Part Of The City’s Infrastructure

HCM employs quite a lot of people every year, and they manage billions in a way that brings prominence to the city. The company wishes to give back as much as it can, and they understand that someone who is in a difficult situation may come to The Family Place for help, and they will see the benefit of the millions that James Dandero has donated.

James Dondero started his company long ago noting that there was a gap in the market for Texas investment. He ensured that his company was profitable using the best technology in the industry, and he gives back because he has the means to do so.

According to NexBank, James Dandero understands that his impact on the city is quite large, and he prefers to help people where they are most in need. He has now funneled money to The Family Place as a challenge grant for just such a purpose.

Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Trust Termination

New Zealand’s most prominent law firm, Cone Marshall, has recently issued statements regarding the termination of established trusts on behalf of living beneficiaries. Representatives from the firm stated that the trust termination process must be discussed with beneficiaries before the mandatory termination date so that the beneficiary can attempt to make arrangements for the account. Geoffrey Cone, Cone Marshall’s CEO and founder, stated that beneficiaries must be made aware of legal trust termination dates so that they can change the beneficiary status of the specific trust account, find a legal way to alter the initial trust establishment standards, or agree to terminate the trust.


Chasing the Beneficiary Status of a Trust Account

Cone Marshall representatives stated that a client’s general answer to a mandatory trust termination is to make changes to the original beneficiary status of the trust account. By changing the beneficiary status of an account, clients can adjust or move the funds in a trust account without jeopardizing the money that is being held in the fund.


Finding Legal Ways to Alter Initial Trust Establishment Standards

Cone Marshall representatives also discussed the client’s legal right to alter initial trust establishment standards in an effort to avoid trust termination. While this option is not available to every client because trust establishment circumstances vary from case to case, most clients who are facing mandatory trust termination will have the option to alter the trust. Trusts can be altered in many ways, including the creation of new standards and terms to assist the beneficiary. Representatives from the firm suggest this method for clients who have inherited trust accounts that are more than 50 years old.


Signing an Agreement to Terminate the Trust

The final option for clients who are facing trust termination is to agree to have the account terminated. While this is not a popular method among clients who face mandatory trust termination, it is important that clients understand that this option is available to them. Cone Marshall representatives stated that clients who could not afford the maintenance of an expensive trust account could choose to relinquish the account without any additional fees. The law firm stated that this option could benefit clients and that attorneys at Cone Marshall would be available throughout the year to assist clients who face mandatory trust termination.

Read more at http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10846049

The Manse on Marsh Offers an Enriched Assisted Living Lifestyle

No on likes to think about it but sooner or later you may need to find an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one. As people get on in years they often find that they can no longer do all of the ordinary household chore involved in daily life. Additionally, many seniors suffer from medical conditions that require professional help and monitoring. Although family and friends try to help, eventually it can become too much to handle. In these situations, people need to look for a good assisted living facility. In California, the Manse on Marsh provides outstanding assisted living care and housing.

The Manse on Marsh is located in San Luis Obispo, California. They are a highly-reputable assisted living facility that will provide one of the best assisted living experiences around. The Manse is a full service facility with a wide variety of housing and care options to choose from. One advantage to choosing the Manse is that they will custom-tailor a care and housing package that is ideal for each resident. Each resident can choose the level of care that they want so that they only have to pay for the services that they actually need. This saves a lot of money.

A great thing about the Manse is the wide variety of services that the residents can enjoy. They provide three high-quality meals per day to each resident. Additionally, snacks are always available. The highly-trained staff is available 24/7 to provide to take care of their residents’ medical and other needs. These are dedicated professionals that take pride in providing the highest level of care possible to each resident.

Residents at the Manse are offered abundant educational, social and recreational activities to engage in.  At the Manse, residents are allowed to live as independently as possible. If you are looking for an assisted living facility in the San Luis Obispo area, check out the Manse on Marsh.