The Doe Deere Experience with Cosmetics

Doe Deere has managed to become one of the most significant players in the lip balm industry. She has managed to build an audience and increase brand awareness for her company, Lime Crime. Doe Deere is no stranger to hard worker, but she has found an easier way to build her brand. It all involves her marketing methods that have been be used on social media.

The great thing about the social media marketing is that Doe Deere recognizes the repeat customer business that she can get with one video that she posts. She does the actual work once to promote her Lime Crime brand through YouTube or Instagram, and she can lure thousands of customers when she uploads a video. This is the power of her presence online. That may be the thing that has allowed her to sneak into the business world and build an audience even when she doesn’t really have the type of brand awareness campaigns that other larger companies have.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she has lived in New York during her youth. She has been able to see the influences of different people and experience so many different things. She had a ton of cultural influences throughout her young life, and this gave her the opportunity to build an audience rather quickly. People have become big time fans of the Doe Deere Lime Crime brand because they see her and the brand as something of a novelty. It doesn’t look like anything else that is out there. Customers look to this brand when they want those shades of lipstick that are different from what the mainstream offers.

The great thing about Doe Deere is that she is willing to break through the boundaries. She has managed to become a leader because she’s paving her own path. Doe Deere does not have to answer to anyone else. She knows a lot about the business world because she has gone through the trial and error of business building. Doe Deere became an advocate of starting her own business because she had already worked in other types of environments. Doe Deere was not a fan of this type of working for someone else. It was a decision that she had to make to actually build her own platform. She knew that she could not spend her life working for someone else.

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Mike Baur: Investing in Young Entrepreneur

Investing in startups is courageous choice of investment that many investors tend to avoid. This is because it is an investing opportunity with inherent risks and uncertainties. When executed wrongly, it could lead to significant financial losses. However, business startups have many documented stories of success. A significant number of best performing companies today were once startups operating from cramped spaces, some with no decent office space. With the right connections and proper funding, startups have the potential of growing into viable businesses. Startups are rich grounds for promoting creativity and innovations. While many investors seek to purchase successful startups, a Swiss entrepreneur, Mike Baur, has come up with an innovative way of promoting startups growth and development. His approach challenges the common practice and norms remodels the concept of startup funding and development.


Remodeling and Challenging Startup Conventions


The common practice in dealing with startups is letting the aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs struggle with their idea then when it finally amounts to something buy them off. In some cases, multinationals and rich investors buy the ideas including the patents are relatively low prices then end up selling them for billions of dollars. However, Mike Baur is actively challenging this common practice. To challenge this common business model when it comes to dealing with startups, he has invested in a program aimed at promoting the growth of startups through networking, mentorship and coaching innovators. This program is aimed at instilling confidence in the innovators while also giving them a head start in the highly competitive marketplace by giving professional connections and an office space to operate from for a given period of time.


After working in the Swiss banking sector for two decades, Mike Baur teamed up with like-mindedness individuals to realize their dream of forming a factory for startups. The company they founded, symbolically named Swiss Startup Factory actively incubates startups selected from across the country. In addition to coaching, mentorship, provision of office space and networking, the company the complete package for its three-month program by financing the startups under its program. Mr. Baur oversees the company’s transparent selection process, occasionally serving a judge during startup contests. These events are organized all across the country especially in learning institutions.


From Banker to Mentor


Before opting for incubating startups, Mike Baur had a successful career as banker. His 20-year experience in the banking sector saw him work for some of the biggest banks in the industry. Currently, he serves as part of the management team of Swiss Startup Factory and director of Swiss Startup Association. He graduated from University of Rochester with a Masters of Business Administration and University of Berne with Executive MBA.


Waiakea Water Has Been Named As A Best Bottled Water Brand

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was announced to be one of the Best Water Brand of 2017 by both Grub Street and 10 Best Water, as announced on March 8, 2017. Waiakea, which is the first triple bottom line premium bottle water in the world, was chosen due to the purity, healthiness, and taste of the water as well as the company’s commitment to social justice and conservation.

The choice of Waiakea water propelled them past well-known brands such as Figi, Evian, and SmartWater in both their category and the overall world of the bottled water industry. This honor was the third year in a row that they placed in the top 10 in their category.

The founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ryan Emmons, said in a statement that he founded the company with the premise of changing the bottled water industry for the better through the three premises that lie behind the brand.

He said he wants to supply healthy water that has a lot of beneficial minerals and nutrients, packaged in an environmentally friendly way, and that engages in a philanthropically effective initiative that helps disadvantaged communities in the global community. Learn more about Waiakea water:

According to Specialty Food, Waiakea water was the first bottled water company in the world to earn the CarbonNeutral certification. In order to earn this designation, the company has engaged in sourcing its water in a sustainable way and packing its water in 100% RPET packaging. It has also engaged in an initiative to plant trees around the world in order to help with reforestation.

Ryan Emmons went on to add that consumers are looking for more healthy alternatives that are sustainable, ethically sourced, and that help the broader community. He said that the outlook of his brand and other like it are bright and he is looking forward to new ways to play a positive impact in the lives of others.

The water that Waiakea Water delivers starts as rain and snow on Mauna Loa Volcano, located at the center of the Big Island in Hawaii. The water courses through the thousands of feet of porous rock that make up the volcano, picking up vital nutrients and minerals along the way.

The result is a refreshing, clean water that is rich in healthy minerals and electrolytes as well as being naturally alkaline. Among the many charities the company donates money to is The Kama’aha Initiative which supports education for native Hawaiians.