Logan Stout And IDLife For The Next Generation Of Athletes

Mr. Logan Stout is an athlete gone entrepreneur who has also been helping children develop their skills in the sport of baseball. He is also an author, a philanthropist, an owner of a few companies, a speaker, and more.

Most recently, Mr. Logan Stout has started up a venture in the areas of health and wellness. IDLife, LLC had a launch in the month of May of 2014. Mr. Logan Stout is serving as the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of the company. In 2016, the business was included in the list of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. There were names on that list from all around the world including some of the largest fitness ambassadors in the world today.

In terms of education, Mr. Logan Stout went to the J.J. Pearce High School in his home town of Richardson, Texas. Mr. Logan Stout has been dedicated to sports from a young age. Over the course of his year in high school, Mr. Logan Stout was also assigned to the Student Athletic Council and was an active member of the group. When he was studying at the University of Dallas and the Pearce University, Mr. Logan Stout continued to put a lot of his effort and time into sports such as baseball and basketball. He took part in a vast number of games and also did a lot of coaching of other teams including kids. Some of the teams that Mr. Logan Stout has played for include the team of Fort Worth Cats. Mr. Logan Stout played on the team for a couple of years.

Mr. Logan Stout is devoted to making the world better for athletes – both college and professional ones. He is also coaching kids and investing himself and his company in the next generation of basketball and baseball players.

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Madison Street Capital: A Strong Reputation for Financial Services Excellence

Leading middle market financial services firm Madison Street Capital (MSC) continues to distinguish itself from its competitors.


Based in Chicago, the financial services specialty organization delivers exemplary performance across a wide range of financial and investment offerings. The company has earned itself a top-notch reputation based on its outstanding industry achievements.


Co-Founder, Anthony Marsala received recognition from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts in 2015, honoring the COO’s performance with the 40 Under Forty award. The award recognized Marsala’s financial industry achievements in the areas of valuations and mergers.


The previous year, MSC announced its success with the advisory services it had provided to Vital Care Industries (VCI), a provider of sterile supplies for the medical industry, in assisting VCI with connecting VCI with a suitable lender supporting VCI’s business objectives.


MSC continues to draw recognition for its high levels of performance, showcasing the strong Madison Street Capital reputation of excellence in the financial offerings it delivers.


The company was also named finalist in the M&A advisor awards, as the top boutique investment banking firm and in recognition for the firm’s performance in the category of facilitating the best sub $100 million industrial merger.


After being selected from a pool of 300 competing firms, MSC went on to win the Turnaround Award earlier this year, recognizing the company’s exceptional performance tn 2016 for restructuring transaction deals in the below $25 million category.


Continuing their success streak, MSC provided financial assistance in the profitable merger of DCG and the Spitfire Group.


Further demonstrating MSC’s talent in the area of investment deals, the company performed services in an advisory capacity to ARES Security Corporation, a Virginia-based provider of security software solutions to nuclear power plants and government agencies, that involved internal restructuring of ARES’ subordinated debt and minority recapitalization. MSC was also instrumental with securing financing for Maintenance Systems Management, a California-based company that provides maintenance services in the San Francisco Bay area.


During the same period, MSC assisted WLR Automotive Group, an operator of vehicle maintenance and repair centers, in a $13 million sale-leaseback transaction involving Texas-based SCF Realty Capital.



About Madison Street Capital


Headquartered in Chicago, Madison Street Capital provides middle market investing services in North America, Asia and Africa. The company is a leader in the area of merger and acquisition advisory services.


Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital distinguishes itself by understanding the value of its clients’ businesses. The company is also recognized for its philanthropy, being a regular provider of charitable contributions to the American Red Cross and United Way.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

Hussain Sajwani Is The Real Estate Leader in UAE

Hussain Sajwani started in business working for his father when he was a schoolboy, and oddly enough he decided that he did not want to become a businessman. The long hours of going to school and then working after school in his father’s watch shop make him want to become a professional and work regular hours.


He was educated in the United States as an engineer, and when he started a catering company in Dubai that fed the US Army during the Gulf Wars, he saw that he could not only be a successful businessman but that he could operate on a much larger scale. The catering side of Sajwani’s business empire still exists, but the kingpin of the business is in residential real estate.


When Hussain Sajwani formed his company Damac in 2002, he bought largely undeveloped property in Dubai, aggressively marketed the 30 story apartments with slogans like, “A new Bentley for each apartment.” The entire project was sold out in six months, even before any construction was begun. A large incentive was a government ruling that allowed foreigners the opportunity to come and live in Dubai, but it was in large part the effectiveness of Sajwani’s energy and marketing skills that made the difference.


The Damac owner has proven time and time again that his real estate instincts have been the prevailing influence in the success of his ventures. It is no small factor either that he always pays cash for the land for his projects, that way there is never any doubt of a project moving forward. Since there are no debts at all for any land, the Hussain Sajwani family who is all involved in the business know that there is great security in new projects with which they all become involved.


Sajwani keeps cash reserves in fixed deposits or government bonds so that if the market takes a downturn, the construction schedules can continue. Another smart strategy is to have separate accounts for each project, so no cash gets transferred from one project to another. In this way, each new development will support itself no matter what.


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