Roberto Santiago Started the Manaira Mall to Help People

Roberto Santiago is a business developer. He has created many commercial properties and has even worked on residential properties. One of the biggest things he has ever done in his career is create the Manaira Mall. It is a large shopping center in Brazil and it is where many people choose to go to shop. It is also a destination for people who want to see a mall like they have never seen before. It’s certainly not the biggest mall in the world or even the biggest in Brazil, but it is a large mall that has many unique things to it. The mall is able to embody both the traditional Brazilian styles and the modern amenities that so many tourists are accustomed to. In addition, it has unique benefits and offerings that cannot be found at any other mall in the world. Roberto Santiago knew what he was doing and that’s what has made the mall so great.


The traditional style that he crafted the mall after was meant to blend in with the city surrounding it. He knew it would be a place for people to go to and somewhere they could actually enjoy if they were visiting the city to see architecture and enjoy other things. Roberto Santiago also knew it was important to keep the same offerings for people who were in Brazil because they would also want to visit the mall to do their shopping instead of just seeing it as a tourist destination.


Since Roberto Santiago wanted to make the mall a tourist destination, though, he felt it would be best to make the mall modern with plenty of amenities for the tourists who were visiting the mall. For that reason, he included spaces for designers, chain restaurants and other things that people would be used to if they were shopping at any other mall in the world. Roberto Santiago had a lot of time and effort invested in the mall so he continued to add different things to ensure the mall was growing and it was exactly what it was supposed to be for the tourists who were coming to see it.


Among the unique options the mall has are a rooftop expo center, different entertainment experiences and, now, a hotel. The hotel is a part of the mall and is branded by Roberto Santiago. It is a hotel that has the same luxuries and options that other people would expect while they were at hotels around the city. Because of this, it is easy for the tourists to stay at the hotel when they come to visit the mall. They get the same experience they would have a traditional hotel without the issues that come from staying separate from the mall.