Securus Technologies Perfects Its New Drone Detection Program

As we continue to advance in technology to make our lives easier, it’s inevitable that these new innovations will be abused by hackers, terrorists, drug smugglers and even those that are locked up behind bars. There were a few incidents reported of inmates having contacts that would smuggle contraband inside correctional facilities and prison walls by the use of drones. Using drones does not come as a surprise, inmates were caught using trained homing pigeons to help smuggle in illegal substances from the outside. The drones however, were delivering everything from drugs, cellphones and even weapons effortlessly to inmates. Law enforcement officials quickly caught on and there is currently a drone detection program in the works by Securus Technologies. This program will really help officers intercept these drones and help keep the facilities clean.


Securus Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of technology solutions for civil and law enforcement agencies. One of the company’s representatives stated that the technology is new and they are still testing its strengths and weakness to improve it over time. Securus Technologies is working alongside various tech partners to seek the proper engineering required to create and install the drone detection program. They released that the program has already acquired new tactics and is expected to identify even more in the future. Drone detection will soon become another important security feature for U.S. correctional institutions and federal prisons to work as a way to keep harmful contraband away from its inmates. There were over a dozen attempts of drones trying to deliver contraband to federal prisons alone in the past five years, according to report from USA Today. Securus has worked for eighteen months on their drone detection program and the progress is going great.


On February 23, 2018, Securus Technologies was announced as multiple award winners at the annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. The tech company secured a Gold for the Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year Award. Their customer service manager, Zelperita Jackson, took home a Silver for the Customer Service Professional of the Year Award and their Video Visitation Team were honored at the gala with a Bronze for the Front-Line Customer Service Team Award. Over 2,500 organizations from every industry were nominated during this year’s Stevie Awards. There was also over 600 C-Level attendees from the United States and other countries that came to the gala held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Positive Impact of Charter Schools

Some people are concerned with the public education system in the United States. In many areas, students do not receive the education they need to succeed. Many poor cities lack the financial resources to help students. Some parents have the money to pay for private school for their children. However, the vast majority of people do not have this option.

Charter schools are also an option in some areas. Charter schools are much less expensive than private schools. Rocketship Education is one of the leading charter schools in the country. Each year, thousands of students apply to attend Rocketship Education. Unlike private schools, charter schools do not have strict dress codes. Charter schools have a lottery system to select students.

Public Education

There are numerous issues with the public education system. Not only are teachers paid low salaries, but many students have discipline problems in the classroom. Some teachers spend hours each day trying to discipline students.

In many areas, schools lack the funding to help students. Students who attend school in deprived areas have a much lower chance of graduating from high school.

Investing in Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school that helps students prepare for college. The graduation rate at Rocketship Education is much higher than a traditional public school. The vast majority of graduates also attend college.

Rocketship Education pays teachers higher wages than the national average. The school leaders believe that quality teachers should receive proper compensation for their hard work. Rocketship Education also produces online content for students to utilize. Online education is a growing area of the education industry.

In the coming years, the leaders of Rocketship Education want to expand the school. Expanding the school will allow more students to attend each year. Now is a great time to consider applying for Rocketship Education. The school has positive reviews from both students and teachers.