A High Achiever In The Russian Economy

Alexei Beltyukov is a successful Russian businessman with a passion for helping his community. With a degree in medicine, he started out as a doctor although he always wanted to venture into business and the field of entrepreneurship. This was came to pass when he acquired a scholarship from INSEAD School of Business and graduated with his MBAs.

With his MBA, he got a job at McKinsey & Company as an associate. Here, he gathered as much information about starting up a business running it and interacting with clients and colleagues. His hard work and engagement into the company’s affairs got him a promotion as the engagement manager.

At Renova Project, he acted as the COO and later, he was promoted to the chief executive officer. He was sought after by Solvy as the senior vice president. At Solvy, he was in charge of coming up with various ways that would help mathematic more accessible and received in high schools.

The software being launched by the company would help teachers help teach math in a more engaging way to get more students involved. These executive officers played a major role in shaping his entrepreneurial career as from here he started his company in 2007, the A-Ventures and Mechanicus.

Alexei is the current founder and the chairman of board for the New Gas Technologies, a company in the petroleum industry that commercializes low octane. He is also the vice president of Skolkovo Foundation, a contract with the Russian government, to provide them with economic support.

He makes sure that grants are provided to start ups in the tech industry and that they are used wisely to bring economic benefit to the people and the government.

Alexei Beltyukov is a philanthropist. He is passionate about education and helping start-ups to venture into business and grow. He started Endemic a company that provides counsel and information to start-ups in all industries on how they can start a business and keep it afloat.

He also provides them with funds as he knows this is one of the challenges that start-ups face when staring their lives and careers.

Learn more about Alexei Beltyukov: https://twitter.com/alexei_belt