Acheive greatness in business using Talk Fusion Services.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina Talk Fusion ; the company offers video marketing services; it is a platform that helps grow companies through video technology and copyrights. Talk Fusion is committed to creating awareness a broader market, this is made possible by the face to face marketing strategy that is available in over 140 countries.

If you own a business or have plans to venture into business, talk fusion will be your partner and help you attract more clients, with talk fusion you can now send video emails instead of the traditional emails. This allows customers to have that personal touch with the seller and feel more confident with the product. Video emails are just one of the amazing offers by talk fusion.

The video emails are efficient since they allow users to customize their emails, another good thing about using this service is the price. Talk fusion only requires a one -time fee of $175; and $20 bill every month.

Talk Fusion is looking to expand, and they have an innovation that the company is yet to announce, the company also has a new dashboard product with a new look that is easy for users. CEO Bob Reina said that the dashboard was just the first trend and more trends are on the way.

Why talk fusion is the best.

The company is leading in video communication services; if you are new in business or just want to improve your sales then talk fusion is here for you. Bob Reina has the confidence that his company is leading in video communication and the only competition he will experience is from talk fusion itself.

Bob is not gratified to remain in the same position, he is always pursuing to reach greater heights and improve his products and services. And his objective is to offer his customers with high-quality products.

Talk Fusion’s vision for the future.

To achieve success it is crucial to have a plan, and this is just what talk fusion has done, the company’s mission is to change how human being interacts and communicate with each other. It aims at removing obstacles in communication and instills new and effective systems. Learn more:


Bob Reina Explains What Makes The New Live Meetings App So Great

Bob Reina of Talk Fusion recently announced that one of his company’s products, Live Meetings, was receiving a huge update. This app lets people communicate in groups in real-time over the internet. The technology behind it is the WebRTC system. He said that the interface has been overhauled to make it even easier whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to use the software. The announcement was made in an online broadcast on their website.

One of the best new features of Live Meetings is that it doesn’t require any separate downloads, even Adobe Flash Player. The video plays right in your browser of choice, he said. Not only is this new approach very convenient but it also removes compatibility issues that the former version of the app sometimes had. The new version allows for up to 15 hosts and a total of 500 people participating in the meeting.

Talk Fusion is the leading brand in its industry. Their first product was Video Email which is used by businesses to increase their sales by marketing their services and products via emails embedded in emails. Bob Reina said that over time all of his company’s products would make use of WebRTC since it is such a great technology to use.

Bob Reina, a resident of southern Florida, founded Talk Fusion. He is the company’s chief executive officer and handles the company’s day to day operations and the team that makes up his company. He is very experienced at selling products and services. After a stint as a police officer he started in the direct selling industry in order to pick up additional money. He discovered that he had a real knack for selling products and he was often the top salesman of whatever product he was selling.

The idea of Talk Fusion was something that he worked on developing starting in 2004. He worked with a longtime friend of his, Jonathan Chen, who was a very experienced programmer. His first product, Video Email, was released in 2007 and quickly shot to the top among the online video marketing solutions. Learn more: