Contributions of Dr. Saad Saad

As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to do numerous of procedures to the patients of different categories. The methods used for pediatric surgery were not pleasing to Dr. saad, and he had intentions of making them to operate better. The reason for his need to improve the technology used in carrying out the pediatric procedures was attributed by the pain and risks the patients were exposed to in the community. He is highly experienced because he has a vast experience serving as a pediatric surgeon. In the United States he served in four Medical Missions and Jerusalem he was allocated to eight Medical Missions where he offered surgeries to children from poor communities.


One of the inventions of Dr. Saad Saad was to improve the operations of catheters. Catheters have lots of functions but the major one they are inserted into the body of the patient for smooth performance of surgery operations. Catheters have different uses depending on the type of catheter used. They can be used to access surgical instruments easily, draining gases amongst many other functions. Dr. Saad Saad identifies the risk of using the catheters by surgeons when determining their positions in the body. X-ray could be carried out, and the position could be detected. The radiations emitted by the scanning from x-rays were a great threat to the life of the patient.


For this reason, Dr. Saad came up with the idea of improving the effectiveness of catheter without interfering with the life of the patients without scanning. With this, he invented the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device. This made the surgeons to know the exact position of the catheter without scanning the patients. The device was not complicated, and other surgeons could use comfortably and carry out their surgical procedures to patients.


An endoscope was another method that Dr. Saad Saad improved its performance. This is an instrument used by surgeons to examine the inside organs of the patients. They are fitted with an optical device for an unobstructed view. The use of endoscope was effective; however, the problem was that the optical lens would be obstructed with the fluid produced in the body and doctor would have to remove the endoscope and wipe the liquid and start the process again.


Therefore, Dr. Saad improved the functionality of the endoscope by inserting a suction device. This clears the way for the endoscope, and no fluid can obstruct the view of the surgeon. The inventions made by Dr. Saad Saad in the medical industry helped the surgeons to improve their surgical operations.


Besides, Dr. Saad offers his services to lots of hospitals in New Jersey where he has over 21 years in the industry. He received his degree from Cairo University. It is imperative to understand that the contributions made in improving the surgery methods and procedures by Dr. Saad Saad were crucial in enhancing the safety of patients. Learn more:


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Dr Rod Rohrich Makes Plans for 2018

Rodney J. Rohrich is slowly becoming a respected figure in the medical field. At the moment, he is known to many as a plastic surgeon who practices in Dallas and its environs. Rod has had the privilege of working in one of the most respected medical facilities in Dallas, known as Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, based in Texas. In his career life, the businessman has been successful in conducting thousands of surgeries on patients who want to live a longer and healthy life. Individuals who want to look good have also benefited from high-quality products. Despite the challenging tasks in this industry, Rod Rohrich has done his best so that his customers can be contented at the end of the treatment. Rod has a wealth of expertise in cosmetic surgery, and this is why he has been receiving a lot of attention in the modern times.

As a top medical expert in Dallas, Rod is a role model to many young people who want to venture into the industry. The businessman loves organizing and also coordinating medical symposiums so that he can assist the people in the profession to serve consumers better. These medical events have become very popular in the recent times, and they attract guests from all over the world. Individuals who have followed his expert advice have done so well in their careers. 2018 will be a great year for Rod Rohrich and his team of doctors in Dallas. The businessman has released a report for his meetings that will be taking place in 2018. According to him, the events taking place at the start of the year will help medical professionals in their daily activities.

News published by Rod Rohrich states that the first event will be taking place at a prestigious location in Miami. The educational meeting will take approximately three days. Professionals from all over the globe have been allowed to the event. The renowned medical expert is one of the panel participants at the symposium, and he will play a key role in moderating the events taking place in the special activity. During the seminar, medical professionals will focus on facial rejuvenation, contour surgeries, and lower lip blepharoplasty. This special symposium will be one of its kinds, and it will mark the start of several other events that will be taking place in February and March 2018. Doctors are looking forward to attending the meeting. Details Walden