Solvy And Its Leader

Solvy is a premier online math homework platform. It is totally free and can be used by students, teachers, as well as schools to solve math problems.

Additionally, teachers can assign math exercises for students taking into considerations their interests as well as needs. The teachers also receive notification that highlights the areas a student requires additional support depending on how they perform.

Solvy enables teachers to use their time efficiently. That is because it saves them time. It also offers a class like environment for learning math. As a web based tool, Solvy is accessible in multiple devices.

Therefore, students can simply interact with a graphing tool while teachers can view student work for solving every problem. That allows the teachers to pinpoint any misunderstanding or error. The innovative approach to math is headed by Alexei Beltyukov who is an ardent supporter of education.

About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a revered Russian businessman and philanthropist. Prior to starting a career in business, Beltyukov worked in the medicine profession. He attended the INSEAD Business School where he obtained his MBA.

Since completing his studies at INSEAD, Beltyukov has created many successful businesses. In 2013, Alexei Beltyukov formed Endemic Capital to serve as a resource that offers angel funding for start-up firms in Russia.

He is also the founder of A-Ventures Ltd, which is a Russian company that was formed to provide financial assistance to Russian firms struggling financially. He is also credited as the founder of New Gas Technologies.

Beltyukov’s work in philanthropy has mainly focused on assisting Russians to establish businesses and attend business school. He has created several organizations to help realize this mission. Alexei Beltyukov helped in the creation of INSEAD’s Russian Alumni Scholarship.

He also works with the Russian government. Through the Skolkovo Foundation, which he serves as the vice president, Alexei Beltyukov offers economic support as well as guidance.

The foundation offers grants to Russian technology start-ups. It also provides opportunities to Russian entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations throughout Russia.