Innovative leadership in Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is one of a kind, a man who can be referred to as a born leader and innovator without any doubt of contradiction. Tobias started venturing into a business while he was still in the Maastricht University Netherlands. His innovation, leadership, and passion for connecting with other people have seen him visit over 43 countries around the world.


His first company at the university was known as the Business Associates Europe, which was founded in 2007. He developed a business model for delivering services on strategic consulting to the corporations around the world.


After graduating from the university, his skills shaped up, and he decided to venture into the e-gaming industry. Tobias Jaeger partnered with some of the leading poker players and developed a platform known as Strategos Poker. This is an online platform whose aim was to assist the casual poker players to understand the game, get into high levels and make money out of their gaming skills.


To Tobias, the sky was the limit as he ventured into other platform known as Entrepreneur academic and became its managing director. He offered courses to the entrepreneurs from Europe and the Middle East on the personal empowerment techniques. He learned from the leaders of major world corporations and tapped on their techniques for performance and success to use it for a personal life.


In 2012, Tobias Jaeger was given an opportunity in the entertainment industry. He was given the Swiss initiative on ‘Thought for Food’; he shot documentaries and conferences in various countries, which included the US. This initiative highlighted the next generation of a leader’s role in transforming the food industry through the use of latest technology.


Tobias used the skills acquired in the entertainment industry venture to launch AXIOM pictures. This has been the first entertainment equity fund ever founded in Europe, where he worked with the leading innovators, media, and entrepreneurs. Tobias Jaeger developed the venture to AXIOM Venture Capital, whose aim was to provide the needed services for connecting the global entertainment, media, and corporate finance.



Tobias has always taken up the managing director roles in all the companies he ventured. In AXIOM Venture Capital, managing partner is mandated with both the corporate finance and M&A advisory arms of the company. His love to connect people from all corners of the world has also helped to make things happen. Tobias is married and has a son, they all live in Berlin where he works.


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Jason Hope: An Amazing Entrepreneur From Arizona

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and he is known for his love of technology, philanthropy and for being a great businessman. Here is more information about Hope.

Technology And Investment

Hope provides business consultancy to other businesses, especially those involved in the technology industry. He is an investor who has invested in numerous ventures. Jason Hope is involved with the development of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming and more. He is passionate about technology and investing in those he believe can become successes.


Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and obtained his degree in finance from there. He also received an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business.


Hope is equally passionate about philanthropy and he works alongside a number of organizations. One of his passions includes the research performed at the SENS Foundation, which develops rejuvenation biotechnology. The foundation also promotes it. and Hope is a fan of the foundation because they are involved in anti-aging, which is about creating a better quality of life.

He believes that supporting scientific research can result in breaking down walls, when innovation is used to support that research.


Jason Hope provides grants to those who have a good idea, but people have to submit their ideas via Hope’s website. The grants are available to high school seniors and college students. He reviews each submission and then decides which ones will get a grant, which is between $500-$5,000, which can be put towards the idea. Hope offers grants because he likes to help others achieve their dreams.

However, those who submit their ideas to Hope need to make sure their plans are solid. If someone receives a grant from Hope, then they should consider themselves lucky because he is known for helping people succeed and achieve their dreams.

Those who are interested in the services offered by Jason Hope can visit his website and fill out a form to request more information.