Express Yourself Through Cosmetics

The “Queen of Unicorns”, Doe Deere has changed the game of the beauty industry with her unique cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Deere has used her unique skill set to create a make up brand that screams loud colors, unconventional looks and fun colors. Lime Crime gives its wearers the ability to make their make up into a complimentary fashion statement.

The visionary behind unique brand Lime Crime, is Doe Deere, a musician turned entrepreneur. Deere was originally born and raised in Russia until the age of 17. Anecdotally, it was during this time that she had her first tryst with the business world as an adolescent, when she started selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. This is when she first started to learn how to go about promoting herself and something that she wanted to sell. She saw promotion as an important part of making sales. Deere then moved to New York at the age of 17 with the desire to be a musician. She attributes a lot of her success with her cosmetics line to the lessons she was able to learn in being a musician. It was the work that she put into promoting herself that she realized would also be needed in creating and selling a successful product.

The creation of Lime Crime emerged out of Doe Deere’s desire to create a brand of cosmetics that would cater to bright and vibrant colors. It was a bold and unique product that she had wanted for her own personal use, that lie in stark contract with an industry that seemed to cater mostly to more neutral colors. This allows for Crime Lime to be a bold part of any fashion statement. Her vision with Lime Crime was to allow is wearers to have the freedom to be themselves, in whatever capacity that may be. For the “Queen of Unicorns”, make up and fashion go hand in hand, so she created a brand of cosmetics that was able to be complimentary to that. Doe Deere encourages her wearers to be inspired by her line and in return to “go where you love” and possibly create something unique and inspiring of your own.

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