Bruno Fagali’s Law Firm Continues To Serve Clients

Bruno Fagali has had his own law firm for many years. At Fagali Advocacy, people know they are getting Bruno Fagali at his best. They also know he is doing what he can to help them achieve the goals they have for their attorney. It all goes back to how he can help people and what he can do to make things better for them.

Bruno Fagali has always wanted to be an important attorney and that’s what led him to make all the choices he has made in the past. It has helped him grow and has made things better for him so he will know what he can do to show people how things are going to work in the best way possible. Out of everything Bruno Fagali has done, there are new options he can use to show people things will get better and things will continue to grow.

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For Bruno Fagali, this is part of the business and part of who he is. He likes to help and is comfortable with providing people with all the options they need. He has always wanted to show his clients he can be a positive influence and he can be the person who they need to make sure things are going to work in the best way possible. Everything that goes back to being an attorney has allowed Bruno Fagali the chance to make sure he can show people what he is doing and how he can make things better.

The point of the practice is to give attention where others would not typically get that type of attention. According to Bruno Fagali knew what it would take and knew there would be things he could do to help others. He also knew there would be other opportunities he could use to give the community what they were looking for. Everything that Bruno Fagali learned from helping people gave him the chance to truly feel like he was an important part of the community he worked with and the clients who he gave all of the best service he had to those in his practice.

Bruno Fagali studied at University of Sao Paolo. He works as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. He founded Fagali Law Firm. He specializes in administrative law, corruption law and compliance law. He is one of the leading lawyer in Brazil.

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Visit the New York State Bar Association’s Online Portal to Access Jeremy Goldstein Legal Services and Have an Experience like No Other

The New York State Bar Association through the division of Lawyer Referral and Information Service recently developed an online portal for finding legal assistance. This development was done in collaboration with This portal will help the residents to find lawyers with ease at any time of the day. It also forms a platform where anyone around the globe can access the New York State law. According to the New York State Bar President, Claire P. Gutekunst, the bar ensures that the lawyer’s qualifications pass through a verification process. This process assures an affordable, top-notch legal representation. The portal exposes the attorneys to a wider clientele base that will grow their practices.


The Procedure


Accessing the portal is easy and confidential. Individuals are required to fill in details of their legal issue and location. The State Bar’s personnel then matches the person with a lawyer based on the locality indicated at no cost. Seventeen counties in New York have active lawyer referral services locally. The staff forwards applications from residents of these counties to the respective bar association. The New York State Bar Association has carried out this kind of activity for over three decades. With the skills mastered over the years, the bar guarantees a professional experience. Consultation fees are very favorable; the first half an hour requires $35. The bar exempts cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, military and veterans, workers compensation, and unemployment from this clause. The decision to take up the lawyer provided lies with the individual.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a legal practitioner based in New York. His services are accessible through the New York State Bars Association’s lawyer referral portal. Jeremy is a revered partner at the well-known Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC.

Prior to landing a post at Goldstein & Associates LLC, Jeremy Goldstein worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as a partner. Jeremy also worked at Shearnab & Sterling LLP as a chief associate.

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An In-Depth Look at the Life of Merger &Acquisition Expert Jeremy Goldstein

Sometimes finding an excellent attorney to handle your legal issues is very challenging. Issues to do with criminal matters, landlord-tenant issues and child custody require experienced and reputable lawyers who are sometimes tough to get.


However, for New Yorkers, this is no longer a problem. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of the New York State Bar Association have come to the rescue of New Yorkers. The body has launched a 24-hour online portal to allow people to access lawyers. This online service will help reduce the stress individuals go through when searching for lawyers during the desperate times.


Individuals seeking to use the online service should use the following procedure.

  • Log into the New York Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service and fill a confidential questionnaire detailing your location and legal issue.
  • The Bar will then review the survey and match you with a lawyer near your location.
  • For individuals who live in one of the 17 counties with local referral services, the Bar will send your request to the respective County Bar Association.
  • A consultation fee of at least $35 is then charged depending on the matter at hand.
  • After the consultation, the client is free to decide if to continue with the attorney or choose another one.


Jeremy Goldstein in Brief


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm. Before establishing this company, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz law firm. Over the past decade, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in the acquisition of some of the largest organizations in the United States.


Jeremy Goldstein graduated with B.A, arts, and history from the Cornell University and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago.

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