The Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere known as the queen of unicorns is an artist and one of the leading, inspiring female entrepreneurs. She is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics which was founded back in 2008. Lime Crime produces one of the most controversial makeup brands which is overly bright, which defies all the rules. Doe Deere is focused on showing how cosmetics are not only used to hide flaws and wrinkles but are also a form of freedom and self-expression. The cosmetics also allow women to live independently. The cosmetics are made using natural ingredients, and this makes them safe for all kind of skin types. The cosmetics are strongly pigmented, lively and bold in color. Some of the bold colors include lime green, blue, and all types of pink. Lime Crime sells various types of cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, and fingernail polish. Lime Crime was created From Doe’s favorite colors and her vision to advance eye shadows, lipstick and nail polishes. A majority of ladies throughout the world order this cosmetics online and showcase the lively colors through pictures online.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She was raised up in Russia but later moved to the United States in New York at the age of 17 years. She had a dream of becoming a musician, and she precisely did that starting her career. She was even part of a band in Brooklyn. Music taught her various important skills like marketing skills that she has greatly employed in the business. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she learned how to showcase and advertise her exceptional style more. She says that her love for business started when she was a kid at an interview by Guest of a Guest. She would sell and wear temporary tattoos at the age of 13 to her classmates.

Doe Deere loves mentoring other women who are aiming at becoming entrepreneurs, she supports them, and she is always ready to give them advice. She believes that every person has that something that is unique about them ( Doe Deere says that success starts by knowing, discovering yourself and finding that unique skill that you have and put it into action to flourish. Doe Deere adores animals, and she is very passionate in rescuing them especially cats, she has donated cash to an animal shelter in New York. She is among the most leading people in the makeup industry producing eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks and hair dye.

Julie Zuckerberg Shows Her Recruitment Expertise

Julie Zuckerberg started out with her career working at Hudson. Here, she learned about the recruitment process and the right way to find people for the job. It allowed her the chance to make all of the right decisions. It also gave her the opportunity to show people what she was capable of doing. When she was working at Hudson, it was a learning experience. She found out about all of the different aspects of recruiting and what each recruit should be able to do when they are in different situations. Thanks to this experience, Julie Zuckerberg knew what she could expect out of the career that she had created for herself.


From Hudson, Julie moved on to Citi. While she was there, she was able to really put her recruitment skills to work. She showed the other people who worked for the company exactly what they needed to do to hire all of the right people. She also made sure that she was coming up with her own strategies that she would be able to implement later on when she was working at other positions in her career. Julie Zuckerberg knew that it was important to not just rely on the strategies that other people had chosen for her.


Citi was a great position but it was just not something that Julie felt like she could go as far as possible with. She wanted more and she made the decision to try something new. The banking world had a lot of benefits to it but Julie Zuckerberg wanted to learn more about the different industries in which she could be an executive recruiter. She wanted to see if there was something more out there or if banking really was the best opportunity for her with the career that she had.


Because of this desire, Julie Zuckerberg chose to take a position with the New York Life Insurance Company. She learned more about different industries in this position but she also longed for the environment that she had as an executive recruiter at an international bank. The opportunity with the insurance company was helpful in that she found out she really did belong in banking and working with the recruits for various banks. It helped her to learn what she was able to about the business and move on to a new position with a different company.


Finally, Julie Zuckerberg began working with the Deutsche Bank. This is an international bank that has offices in New York City and around the world. The bank is very large, diverse and has opportunities for all of its employees. Julie Zuckerberg knows how important it is to find and hire the perfect executives and she does it each time that she works with a new recruit at the bank. It helps her to be the best that she can be. Julie Zuckerberg has no plans to leave the bank because she likes the environment and opportunities she has with the international Deutsche Bank.


The Doe Deere Experience with Cosmetics

Doe Deere has managed to become one of the most significant players in the lip balm industry. She has managed to build an audience and increase brand awareness for her company, Lime Crime. Doe Deere is no stranger to hard worker, but she has found an easier way to build her brand. It all involves her marketing methods that have been be used on social media.

The great thing about the social media marketing is that Doe Deere recognizes the repeat customer business that she can get with one video that she posts. She does the actual work once to promote her Lime Crime brand through YouTube or Instagram, and she can lure thousands of customers when she uploads a video. This is the power of her presence online. That may be the thing that has allowed her to sneak into the business world and build an audience even when she doesn’t really have the type of brand awareness campaigns that other larger companies have.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but she has lived in New York during her youth. She has been able to see the influences of different people and experience so many different things. She had a ton of cultural influences throughout her young life, and this gave her the opportunity to build an audience rather quickly. People have become big time fans of the Doe Deere Lime Crime brand because they see her and the brand as something of a novelty. It doesn’t look like anything else that is out there. Customers look to this brand when they want those shades of lipstick that are different from what the mainstream offers.

The great thing about Doe Deere is that she is willing to break through the boundaries. She has managed to become a leader because she’s paving her own path. Doe Deere does not have to answer to anyone else. She knows a lot about the business world because she has gone through the trial and error of business building. Doe Deere became an advocate of starting her own business because she had already worked in other types of environments. Doe Deere was not a fan of this type of working for someone else. It was a decision that she had to make to actually build her own platform. She knew that she could not spend her life working for someone else.

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