Jason Hope Is Excited How The IoT Is Going To Improve Our Airport Experiences

Jason Hope, your guide to how the Internet of Things (IoT), is showing how it will impact the airline industry in a huge way. He hails from Tempe, Arizona where he proudly still resides. Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he was able to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Jason continued on with his education at Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business and earned a Master of Business Administration degree. From there he sprung into action to start working on his career and use his talents to do good for the world. Jason Hope is an active philanthropist, entrepreneur, futurist, and businessman looking to make some positive change in the world.

Being an enthusiastic player in the world of technology Jason Hope is looking into the future how the world of the airline industry will change with the Internet of Things. The customer service aspect of airline will change for the better and passengers will reap the benefits of the two combined. First off, it will be so much easier to check in because quite frankly it can be a huge hassle. They airline will automatically assign seats 24 hours before the scheduled flight and you can get your boarding pass via email, skipping the lines at the airport so you do not miss your flight.

Another incredible technological advancement will be the addition of seat sensors. These amazing sensors can track the comfortable or uncomfortable passenger so it can be fixing with help of a flight attendant. It will be able to monitor low hydration levels, fatigue, and temperature to make sure every passenger is happy and relaxed. There is an new tracker for passengers who are taking their pets on flights on Delta Air Lines. Not only will people be able to track their beloved pets but a sensor can track the amount of light, temperature, and humidity where your dog or cat is so they too can be as comfortable as possible. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging.

Jason Hope says that the way you travel can also be personalized for convenience, efficiency, and safety. With a wearable or mobile device they will alert you if you are heading in the wrong direction, how long it will take to walk to your gate, or if it closes soon so you can hurry. This incredible technology can help you will restaurant suggestions you may like or whether you need wheelchair access so you get to your flight on time and without the headache.

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