John Goullet, the Principal Executive

John Goullet is an IT entrepreneur who has innovated key ventures in the IT sector. He is the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC, where he has developed many technologies that transformed the company it to an award winning enterprise.

John started his career as an IT consultant before founding his company Info Technologies in 1994 that ventures in IT staffing. The company took advantage of the emerging IT market and within a short period had acquired over 500 clients from the IT industry. Within just five years, Info Technologies had grown to $30 Million that earned it a spot in the top 500 fastest growing private firms as listed by the Inc. Magazine.

The Merger With DIVERSANT Inc.

John and Gene came together in 2010 to merge their two companies; Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. They formed the DIVERSANT LLC, where John serves as the Principal. At DIVERSANT LLC, John can exercise his passion for innovating better ways of meeting his clients’ needs in the evolving IT market.

John Goullet has a wide breadth of experience in the IT industry that enables him to understand the IT staffing needs as well as the corporate climate. He can match the work style and personality needs of every client and provide the appropriate skill sets.

Mr. Goullet has also worked with various IT companies including Computer Sciences Corp. from 1981 to 1983, the Constell Group from1983 to 1986, Bridgewater from 1986 to 1987, and Tsr Consultants between 1987 and 1990. His last company was Cap Gemini America where he served from 1990 to 1994 before founding his firm.


DIVERSANT LLC is a fully certified Minority-Owned-Business Enterprise (MBE) and is the largest IT staffing firm in the US owned by African-Americans.

The products and services are grounded in the methodology of “Best-In-Class” transformative ideas that aims to surpass the clients’ needs. DIVERSANT leadership believes in diversity as the force that catapults greater opportunities for partners and consultants that generate innovative products for customers.

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  1. The services offered are mainly diversity products and scalable IT staffing services. Other products include direct hiring services, IT staff augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions. This could also be what has described as pathetic and I know it’s going to happen for real.

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