The Traveling Vineyard: Quite a Selection and Following

The Traveling Vineyard exists as a wine tasting and wine selling business. A variety of wines from all around the world are offered as well as many jobs in the business of sales and commissions. The business offers a great selection of wines to choose from, and one is likewise encouraged to try before buying in order to ensure optimal satisfaction with the purchased product.

The Traveling Vineyard has both a large selection and also a large following on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook social media page is the largest among these, and it contains plenty to keep a new or old customer coming back for more.

A World Headquarters, as They Call It? How Interesting

“Our CEO, Rick Libby calls himself the Head Cheerleader for a reason: the whole support team at World HQ loves watching you grow. We love our wines, but our favorite part of the day is seeing our Wine Guides achieve their dreams. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns or to tweak things….”

A Success Kit Too as a Business Model? Oh, My!

Those who decide to become sellers have a great amount of benefits and tools at their disposal. Among these, the greatest is perhaps what is commonly called the Success Kit. It is given to The Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides, the brave and the bold souls who decide to pursue the sale and promotion of wine for the company. It is called the Success Kit because, according to the company statement itself, it holds every single possible thing that is needed in order for one to be a successful representative and liaison in all things wine and The Traveling Vineyard. The kit includes a wine carrier with a maximum holding capacity of six bottles at a time, plus tasting glasses contained within a uniquely designed and embroidered box for carrying them in.

Two tasting sets are included as well, and each contains five bottles each, which is more than enough for any guide’s first two hosted events. Business paperwork with order forms and a start-up guide is essential and included in the kit’s main box exterior, and marketing materials with the related flyers and brochures are crucial. They are included as well.

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